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Lien Resoution Services

What we do:


At Lien Resolution Partners we focus on audit, verification, negotiation and settlement of Private Health/ERISA, FEHBA, Medicare and Medicaid liens.


Why it matters to you and your clients:


It is critical to confirm the existence of any liens and to ensure optimal resolution of each lien prior to disbursement of settlement funds at the end of a personal injury case.  Subrogation and reimbursement for health plans is big business and adds up to big dollars.  It's no secret that health plans have deep pockets and will spend their time and resources to pursue reimbursement against injured plan members to enforce the terms of their plans.  Perhaps, now more than ever, with the rising costs of healthcare, health plans are looking for every dollar they can recover back from your client's recovery.  


The LRP process and advantage?


At Lien Resolution Partners, we are solely focused on lien audit, verification and resolution and we find ways to work with health plans and their advocates to resolve liens.


There are several factors that determine whether a healthcare payor has a valid and recoverable claim against your client's settlement.  Consequently, successful lien resolution is dependent upon a detailed evaluation and strategy for each lien.  At LRP, we assess each lien and develop a strategy that takes into consideration all applicable factors:


     >  Confirmation of existing healthcare liens 

     >  Verification of the healthcare payor rights of recovery for past and future injury-related care 

     >  Review of nature and extent of medical treatment provided to your client

     >  Examination and audit of the billed amounts, focusing on relatedness of medical claims 

     >  Available compromises, waivers or offsets 


At Lien Resolution Partners, we understand that lien resolution is a process and we bring over 20 years of experience in resolving healthcare liens across the U.S. to the lien resolution process.  When you partner with Lien Resolution Partners, you get our nationwide experience, extensive understanding of the lien resolution process and our commitment to excellent service.


Let Lien Resolution Partners put our experience to work for you and your clients.





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